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Gerhard Moolman Fine Jewelry

We design and manufacture custom handmade jewellery at our store in Cape Town, South Africa.
Whether you are browsing for bespoke jewellery, wedding or engagement rings, looking to revamp an old one or would like a new and unique design, we can assist you.



Delivering Uncompromised Quality, Selection, and Value

Conveniently located in Cape Town, South Africa, our store offers bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings, and unique handcrafted jewellery, tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s a symbol of commitment, an expression of love, or a touch of elegance, our collection offers the perfect piece for every occasion. With our wealth of experience and expertise, rest assured that your design will be meticulously crafted to perfection. Let us design that special piece for you.


Meticulously Crafted For Any Occasion & Style

We work closely with our clients to create Custom Made Jewellery that matches each individual’s requirements perfectly. Throughout your personalized consultation, we delve into your ideas and style preferences, providing guidance on design, material, process, costs, and other considerations essential to crafting your bespoke piece.

Subsequently, your design undergoes meticulous handcrafting in our workshop, ensuring the creation of a unique, high-quality piece of custom-made jewelry tailored precisely to your desires.

Located in Bellville, Cape Town

Designed, Crafted & Perfected in Cape Town, South Africa

Gerhard Moolman, and his team, are well-known for their consistent, high level of service delivery and professionalism. We are conveniently located in Bellville, Cape Town. Please contact us with any ideas or projects you would like us to look at.



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